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Nutritious, Delicious, Goodness

Meet Our Chef

Food is my passion, so creating a selection of delicious and healthy salads and treats that will delight the senses came as an adventure.  Using natural, real ingredients and dairy free where possible.  Check out our changing menu with the link below.



I have learned the hard way how skipping lunch affected not just my productivity but that of my co-workers too.  Now there is no excuse for flagging energy as I have Cheryl's affordable restaurant quality Salads to look forward to.  Goodness to Go is a great initiative for busy folk like me who cannot always prepare something for lunch the night before or get away from the office to buy something.  Simply delicious and wonderfully varied, I look forward to my surprise salad in a jar.


Billy Kerrisk, Ray White Golden Bay




Get in Contact

We love to know if you love our salads and takeaway delights, we also want to know if you have any suggestions or recipies you would like us to try.  Call or message us about catering, functions or a chat.

Real food>>Real tasty>>Real fast

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