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See below for options and pricing. We use delicious, fresh, locally inspired and healthy food to cater for every occasion.

Simple Finger Food Lunch

from $17.50 per person

GF an extra $7 per person

Selection of:

  • Club Sandwiches

  • Wraps

  • Selection of savouries

  • sweet treats

Sandwich Savoury_edited.jpg
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Everyday Salads

from $45 for 10 people

Selection of:

  • Coleslaw with dried cranberry, toasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

  • Potato salad with red onion, red pepper, parsley and tossed in seeded mustard and mayo.

  • Beetroot Spinach salad with feta walnut and aioli.

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Buffet Meals

from $35 per person

Selection of:

  • Bread rolls

  • 1 meat option

  • 1 potato dish

  • 2 salads

  • 1 dessert

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Mini Sweet Treats

from $25.00 per person

  • 5 days notice required for this catering please

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Deluxe Catering

from $21 per person

GF an extra $7 per person

Selection of:

  • Club Sandwiches

  • Selection of savouries

  • Choose an additional 3 from the below list:

  • Tandoori chicken tenders

  • beef meatballs with dipping sauce

  • creamy chicken parcels

  • filled wrap pockets

  • sweet treats

  • fresh fruit platter

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Gourmet Salads

from $65 for 10 people

Selection of:

  • Roasted seasonal vegetable salad with cherry tomato and fresh spinach, finished with pumpkin seeds and balsamic glaze dressing 

  • Pumpkin, rice and chickpea salad with sultanas, red pepper and parsley finished with a lime dressing

  • Broccoli salad with sundried tomato, feta red onion

  • Fresh eggs, celery, red pepper, red onion, parsley wrapped in a creamy mayonnaise served in a bed of lettuce

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Meals - Mini, Regular and Family size

from $15.00 per person

Selection of:

  • Meals for one or the whole family.

  • Ideal for freezing, or simply heat and eat.

  • Let us do your cooking for you

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Specialty Cakes

from $75

A choice between:


  • a rich Chocolate cake topped with decadent ganache icing

  • a moist Carrot cake with luscious cream cheese icing

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